The TAHIRIH ASSOCIATION is dedicated to promoting the vision of the real life heroine, Tahirih (Ta-hair-AY), who lived from 1815-1852 in Persia. Tahirih was one of the earliest women in the struggle for human rights and equality. This legendary 19th century Persian poetess and legal scholar has become known as Joan of Arc of the Eastern world. Tahirih was a transformational leader who called for social and religious freedom at a time when she herself was not allowed such rights. Tahirih’s courage, commitment to justice, and sacrifice remain an inspiration to all.

The TAHIRIH ASSOCIATION grants educational scholarships to women, youth, and individuals around the world who demonstrate excellence in artistic expression, technology and science. Scholarships are awarded annually with priority given to female applicants. Scholarships may also be granted in co-sponsorship with other educational institutions, social and economic development programs, or religious institutions.


Scholarship Recipients: Where They Are Now

TJIREYA TJITENDERO – Received Scholarship in 2000


     I received a scholarship award from the Tahirih Association right as I started university. The award, the vote of confidence it symbolized, and the encouragement it inspired meant the world to me. The award was my assurance that I would be able to purchase all my books on time, and started my university career with a sense of peace and confidence, knowing that everything was in order.  The vote of confidence that the award symbolized was unique. It was , on the one hand, a recognition of my demonstrated ability and belief in my capacity both academically and in terms of example. On the other hand, it was a pledge of belief in me that I would do increasingly well in the next stage of my studies and life.
     Overall, the award was a boost of encouragement. And it was encouragement, not in spite of me being a girl, but because I was a girl! It made me proud to be a young woman, eager to live my life that way and hopefully empower others by my example – just as Tahirih herself did.

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Tjireya Tjitendero Juzgado
Cabinda, Angola
Studying Diplomacy and World Affairs: Human Rights & International Organizations
Occidental College
 , Los Angeles, California

CHARLOTTE NGOBENI – Received Scholarship in 2001


     The Tahirih Association Scholarship was a humbling opportunity for me, at the same time it gave me a sense that if someone can see me in a different light that meant there was somthing special about me. The scholarship has done more than educate me, it groomed me into a better person I am today and offered me the opportunity to paint my dreams in a lighter and brighter colour. Now, I’m doing my last year in a National Diploma in Public Management while working full-time for the National Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for the South African government. I work in the Agricultural Input Control Directorate that deals with the regulation of chemicals. I have been with the same section for eight years, and have grown within the section from a filing clerk to a Personal Assistant. I am now a Senior Administrative Clerk in the same department. The Tahirih Association Scholarship taught me to have faith in my abilities and always remember to give thanks to God for bringing me Angels that see the potential in me when I did not. What the Tahirih Association Scholarship did for me is more than words can describe.



Charlotte Ramaesela Nyete (nee Ngobeni)
National Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, South African Government
Completing National Diploma in Public Management
Pretoria, South Africa

LINDSEY LUGSCH – Received Scholarship in 2009


Lindsey is pursuing her degree in Gender Studies and Conflict Resolution at Portland State University in Oregon. She is a mediator who has done research at the Western Justice Center in Los Angeles. Her research helped to rewrite a peer-mediation program that was implemented in several urban schools in Pasadena, California. She has also studied culture, gender and diplomacy in South Africa. After graduation Lindsey will be working for the advancement of women with emphasis on conflict resolution using the principle of gender equality as her guiding principle. Lindsey is an agent of change in her community.



Lindsey Lugsch completed her degree in Gender Studies and Peace Studies at Gustavus Adolphus College iSt. Peter, Minnesota. At the Western Justice Center in Los Angeles Lindsey’s research helped to rewrite peer-mediation programs implemented in several urban schools. She also studied culture, gender and diplomacy in South Africa. Lindsey is currently serving at the Bahá’í World Centre in Haifa, Israel with her husband. The support she experienced from the Tahirih Association impelled her to finish her degree and pursue her passion for service. In the spirit of Tahirih, Lindsey is an agent of change in a very large community and we honor her for living the spirit of Tahirih!

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The TAHIRIH ASSOCIATION is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Organization

Thank you very much for your support!


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